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We have learnt over the years the most important criteria for supplying an engine is that we totally believe in that engine and its ability to do the job. I still find it amazing that people buy one make of engine over another because it was cheaper. The build qualities, fuel consumption, weight, reliability, performance, ease of use, resale value, serviceablity etc all seem to be forgotten. The real truth is that these cheaper engines always cost more in the long run. You "get what you pay for".

That is why we supply only the following three engines:

                                            EVINRUDE    VOLVO    YAMAHA

Evinrude: The ultimate high tech engine. Light, high powered, low fuel consumption and packed with users friendly ideas. Fit an Evinrude if you want to outperform all other engines. Nothing stays with them from standing start to top speed, for no extra fuel and in most cases less fuel.

Volvo: Diesel Engines with Thought. Volvo have spent a tremendous effort ensuring their engines are powerful, light, low on fuel consumption and reliable. The instrumentation and controls are amazing and easy to use. They are by far the brand leaders and the engines to have when it comes to boat valuation.

Yamaha: Quality says it all. These four strokes are the world's best sellers for a reason. If you want super reliability from a high tech super quiet engine then here is your answer. I could continue with the virtues of Yamaha but look at all Yamaha products from pianos to motorcycles, they don't do second best.

If you would like to know about the latest Evinrude E-tec Outboards, Volvo Inboards, Yamaha Outboards or our second hand deals why not pop in store or give us a call on 0191 414 0065 where Paul will be happy to help you.